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About Us

We are a specialized engineering consultancy that helps you avoid vibration, reliability and noise problems.

We provide engineering and consulting services for new projects or brownfield modifications, conduct inspections, and solve vibration and performance problems on site. We assist in the design of compressor, pump and piping systems.
Our main driver is innovation, as we continually look for better, smarter problem-solving techniques to provide accurate results, practical solutions and faster turnaround times for our customers.

We have offices in Houston, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane; with application and field support in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Wood acquisition

Wood is a global leader in engineering and consultancy across energy and the built environment, helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. We provide consulting, projects and operations solutions in more than 60 countries, employing around 45,000 people.

One of Wood's strategic initiatives was to build the world's leading capability in the area of vibration, dynamics and noise. In 2015/16, this vision became a reality with the acquisition of BETA Machinery Analysis and SVT Engineering Consultants (Australia), coupled with the creation of our advanced engineering team in the UK.

These three organizations now work closely together in Wood's vibration, dynamics and noise (VDN) capability. With more than 230 engineering specialists in 11 offices around the world, the VDN team is a truly global operation with an industry-leading position based on its niche range of services, software solutions, industry research and technical authorities. To ensure a complete solution, VDN works as a trusted advisor to the owner’s staff, its engineering consultant, OEMs and equipment packagers. 

VDN forms part of Wood's Asset Integrity Solutions service line which expands to include all-of-facility integrity management, maintenance solutions and inspection services. 

In October 2017, Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets.
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Why we do what we do

Vibration is a costly issue for facilities employing compressors, pumps, and large piping systems. Excessive vibration leads to fatigue failure in pipes and vessels, resulting in leaks, fires, downtime, safety, environmental, and operational consequences.Our services support the entire lifecycle of a production facility:

  • FEED or Planning Stages  Vibration review and design support
  • Detailed Design
    • Advanced vibration engineering and analysis services required for new rotating and reciprocating machinery systems
    • Static and Dynamic services for piping systems
    • Foundation, skid, and structural dynamic designs
  • Commissioning and Start-up  Vibration inspection and baseline assessments
  • Operations  Troubleshooting, performance testing, optimization and monitoring support
  • Life Extension  Condition assessments, engineering support during modifications/re-vamps
What sets us apart

Several factors differentiate VDN (formerly BETA) in this industry leading to our success and leading market share:

  • Our culture of innovation and improvement. This includes ongoing R&D activities to develop new analytical tools, techniques, and creative solutions. BETA pioneered many “firsts” in the industry and being on the forefront helps to ensure our clients get the best results possible.  READ MORE

  • We continue to test and validate our design services with field R&D programs. Our focus on field services and field validation is unique in our industry. Commitment to safety is in everything we do.
  • Clients appreciate our ability to provide a combination of design, field, and assessment services. This blend of skills provides superior results and is necessary for supporting our clients throughout the life cycle of their machinery.
  • We enjoy, and are growing, many long-term client relationships that are based on value, trust, commitment and responsiveness. Being an employee-owned company means that we are independent. Clients can trust us to provide unbiased recommendations.

  • Our employee-owned culture also means that our people are passionate about delivering value and maintaining long term client relationships. Our staff in Houston, Calgary, Kuala Lumpur, and China, and sales support in other regions of the world provide local help and application support.  

  • Seasoned experts who have tackled complex projects. We have over 500 years of combined expertise, on thousands of projects worldwide. This experience results in better designs.

Our vision

VDN will be . . .

  • The first choice of clients for vibration and dynamic engineering support.
  • A complete solutions provider to support machinery and piping systems throughout their life cycle.
  • A global leader, based on a reputation of trust, performance, and results.
  • A sought after employer by experts skilled and passionate in vibration and dynamic analysis.
Our values
  • We ensure quality is integral in everything we do.
  • We treat clients and staff with respect, trust, and integrity.
  • We improve through continual learning and development.
  • We support employee initiatives to take on new challenges.
  • We use effective teamwork to ensure project success.
  • We encourage professional growth.
  • We make no compromises on safety.
  • We appreciate our cultural diversity.
  • We promote work-life balance.
  • We do our darndest to make engineering fun.
Our history

50-year anniversary

Troubleshooting vibration problems in the early days

We've come a long way since our early days troubleshooting vibration problems in 1967

A lot can change in half a century. After 50 successful years, our vibration, dynamics and noise team (formerly BETA Machinery Analysis) has a rich heritage of experience, skills and hairstyles to draw from.

We've built on this experience, and over the past four decades, VDN has become a premier engineering consultancy in the highly specialized field of vibration, dynamics and noise.

Read more about our history in Inspired magazine

Working safe and smart

VDN has achieved a Certificate of Recognition for its environment, health and safety programs to meet our global clients’ requirements.


Meeting and exceeding the OH&S legislative requirements of an international marketplace is a major business challenge. Our proactive compliance to these requirements makes it easy for us to be your preferred supplier for vibration, performance, and troubleshooting services.

VDN has experienced two successful certification audits and several high scoring annual maintenance audits of our OH&S Policy, Program and Safe Work procedures. We successfully completed these audits using a third party auditor in accordance with the Alberta Safety Council Partnerships Audit Process for our Certificate of Recognition (COR). VDN has been issued a COR Certificate number of 20091120-4835. Ron Carpendale, VDN's Operations Manager has led the development and maintenance of our internal safety programs

VDN has excellent safety performance statistics through almost 50 years of business and market leadership. We have maintained compliance to the escalating safety initiatives of our clients through these years and have subscribed to several "Vendor Management" services such as ComplyWorks, PEC Premier, and ISNetworld. Through in-house competency training and third party safety skill training providers, we maintain compliance to legislated and best practices expectations of our international clientele.

VDN's field service personnel physically respond to our clients’ requests for engineering services on all continents. VDN has aligned its OH&S capabilities with the expectations of our clients.

Our mission

Our Mission is “Keeping it Running Smoothly” …free of vibration.

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