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We work hard to earn your trust.

"Your outstanding personal dedication benefits everyone at ConocoPhillips"
- ConocoPhillips appreciation award for "excellent turbine gearbox repair support" provided by one of our rotating equipment reliability consultants

We have completed and verified all of Wood's recommendations for [...]. I wanted to personally thank you for the work you all did as I believe the facility is much safer to operate than it was before this project. Your field engineers are top notch professionals who did outstanding work and never hesitated to help us out when things were unclear or we presented follow up questions. They provided us with very simple solutions to complex issues surrounding our vibration issues. I will definitely recommend Wood for future work within Williams."
- Matt Cox, Williams

"Everything went well and I am very happy with Wood’s efforts considering the difficulties that were encountered during these analyses. I appreciate the time that was spent looking at the different options that would try and give our customer the most operational freedom [...]."
- Kris Smith-Meyerink, Startec Compression & Process

“The modifications on unit 3 made a huge difference in lowering vibration levels across the unit. Wood will have the official report with hard numbers next week, but the main point is that we had 4 different damping solutions to address vibration. All of them worked extremely well across all speeds, lowering vibration as much as 800% (1/8 of original vibration).
The changes made should make a big difference in the way unit 3 operates, as well as creating new solutions that can be quickly and effectively utilized.”
- Large natural gas distributor

"I have reviewed Wood’s pipe vibration products [...]. From a piping engineering perspective, Wood's pipe clamps are not just a clamp, but are an engineered product backed with design data that often not available from other manufacturers"
- Piping engineer, Operator, North America

"We are very pleased with the end product we received. The clamp effectively reduced the vibration to an acceptable level, which has mitigated a huge safety concern that has been bearing over the unit for several months."
- Reliability engineer, Operator, North America

They [large E&P company] recently had the FAT for the pigging pump skid at the vendors shop where they ran the package at the design rate. The package ran noticeably smoother than any of the previous skids which I believe is due to the additional supports, etc. recommended by Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team (formerly BETA Machinery Analysis). 
This does not yet include the new 20 gallon suction dampener which has not been received by the supplier yet – so it should only get better with that installed (still had original dampener for test only). So I just wanted to say thanks again to you and your team’s help in working to improve the vibration of this package.
- Greg Holloway, Wood Group Mustang

"Wood's vibration team played a key part in the success of a complex project - a natural gas processing facility with three reciprocating gas compressor services and total installed horsepower of over 25,000 HP. The analysis included on and off skid piping and more than 100 different operating scenarios. Because the Wood team was technically excellent, highly responsive, and sensitive to our schedule needs, they helped keep the critical path compressor manufacturing on schedule."
- Bethany L. Pearson, Burns & McDonnell

"The [Pulsation Vibration Field Study] report is EXCELLENT. I want to compliment you on a very detailed, well written and illustrated report that was user friendly and easy to follow."
- Neil Greenly, Williams

Piping Vibration Training Course:
"A very good one-day overview of a topic that is very important"
- Chris Gilmour, Chief Engineer, NWR Partnership
"I simply recommend this for anybody in an industrial plant... a 'must know about' topic."
"Gives a very good overall view of vibration issues, examples, and ways to mitigate/eliminate these issues in the field."
- Compilation from course participants

[Reciprocating Compressor Performance Training] "Great course for those involved in reciprocating compressor troubleshooting and performance evaluation; goes beyond the OEM courses in the industry and gives a more full understanding of compression infrastructure and troubleshooting techniques. Enjoyed the knowledgeable instruction, real life case studies and relaxed atmosphere. I got to see the impact of the decisions I make daily."
- Compilation from course participants

[High-Speed Compressor Design Course] "I got a lot from this class and would recommend to other people new to the industry; I liked the exercises. This helps retaining the information as opposed to just listening to lecture the whole time; All vibration/pulsation/torsional slides had great graphics & animations"
- Compilation from course participants

"I noticed an excellent article in the May issue of COMPRESSORtech2 dealing with root causes of piping failures. This article [Root Cause of Piping Failures: Reliability Issues for Compressor Systems] is very relevant to some issues we have seen for years in our facilities, and I would like to get your permission to make copies of the article to distribute to employees in our organization that either maintain or operate our rotating equipment. I believe it will help reduce some of the problems we have been experiencing."
- Albert Bertagnolli, Questar Pipeline Company

"Thanks to Wood's vibration field engineers for a thorough on-site testing of a reciprocating compressor package on very short notice. The OEM was impressed by Wood’s know-how and capabilities and pleased with their openness to sharing their knowledge and recommendations. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional and committed company as Wood."
- Gustavo A. Codini, Hoerbiger

"Now we have a model of these [reciprocating compressor] units and how they behave we can start to make correlations between field observations and analysis data, the "ah ha" moment. The report holds even greater value as we look to utilize these existing units in new process scenarios. The report and service are excellent. Thank you for your efforts."
- Josh Shaver, Senior Engineer

"We are very happy with Wood’s quick response on the job. This was a rush job and Wood came through with flying colors. Thanks to your team!"
- John Jawdy, Potemkin Industries

"All requirements for the project were fulfilled and the Design Study report was well organized, clear and easy to understand. It was a very good experience working with Wood."
- Marius Jibeteanu, IMV Projects

"The design study was well done and, most importantly, Wood was able to meet our tight construction schedule. Wood was able to make last minute changes to the supports when we ran into issues out in the field. Just as a point of interest, we took some analysis with our Windrock and found the vibration levels of the piping to be within acceptable levels."
- Pierce Jones, Union Gas

"I believe Wood has always done the best job for us."
- Tate Taggart, Anadarko

"Our expectations were met, if not exceeded, given the short time frame for Wood."
- Pete Harrington, Cameron

“Wood performed a torsional vibration analysis for one of our customers in Poland. We appreciate Wood’s prompt replies and consistently meeting expected delivery dates.”
- Davide Tarì, Cameron

"We are very satisfied with Wood's services. In general, Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team exceeds our expectations, being very flexible with our needs and requirements. Also, Wood's team has been very patient with our delay in sending the information requested to perform the studies and analyses."
- Elcio Cavalin, Aspro do Brasil

”We installed the bottles in early April and the unit has been running 3 weeks now. The vibrations have been reduced to almost nothing. Thank you for your assistance.”
- Eric Corneliusen, Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline

"We are very satisfied with your service. For a project in Brazil, Wood was brought on to help mitigate vibrations in piping. Following Wood’s recommendations and specifications, the project was completed on time and the vibration is gone."
- Manuel Landa, Valerus

"We tested the units and they have significant improvement."
- Akbar Khan, BHP Billiton

"Burckhardt Compression is dedicated to deliver highest quality in time to our customers. This can only be conducted with partners able to meet our high quality standards. We would like to thank Wood for the work done for us. It is always a pleasure to work with you."
- Rainer Dübi, Burckhardt Compression

Training and Application Support: "It was a good presentation and really helped put this [pulsation vibration] into a more understandable format."
- Mike Valentine, EnCana

"We recently used Wood' services on a large project to 2-stage the inlet of our facility. We found them very knowledgeable, easy to work with, timely, and accurate. Wood definitely played a large role in the success of the project."
- Doug Wallace, Nexen Inc.

"The blend of Wood’s proven field experience with latest technology always gives the best solution. Their quick response is commendable." 
- Hemendra Shah, KPCL

"When I have a high risk compression project I always invest in the professional services of Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team. I know that with their staff of experts a successful design will be achieved. I like working with the staff at Wood. They are all very knowledgeable in their field and they work with me for the best and most economical solution to design problems."
- Kevin Guinn, Exterran

"Several days ago I attended Wood’s training seminar. It was very interesting and informative."
- Alex Jablonski, Chevron

 "I appreciate the excellent work you have done on the acoustic analysis for a Chevron project. It was very professional and detailed. I highly recommend working with you again on future projects." 
- David Kai, WorleyParsons

"Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise analysts are very helpful & easy to work with. They routinely go the extra mile for the customer."
- Seth Stigliano, Dearing Compressor & Pump Co.

"Acoustic recommendations are exactly what was requested and they were received before the committed deadline. Great job!"
- Shishir Shirgaonkar, Exterran

"Wood has done an excellent job performing skid structural analysis, piping flexibility analysis, and acoustical and mechanical analysis."
- Edward Miller, DXP Enterprises, Inc.

"Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team is able to deliver complex acoustical studies for our compressor installation. The highly developed project management and ability to conduct studies in time including the flexibility required impressed us."
- Rainer Dübi, Burckhardt Compression 

“Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team has shown exceptional prowess in their work. We are pleased with your turnaround time. Keep it up!”
- Anba Ramalingam, Wasco 

"After we completed all Wood recommendations the vibration on MP Compressor reduced to an acceptable level. Thanks for the good job."
- Sergey Senin, Sakhalin Energy

"We appreciate your help and expertise in modeling and analyzing the vibration response of the structure due to unbalanced rotating forces. The capabilities of your modeling software, which was used to simulate the structure and compressors, are very impressive."
- Risto Protic, Associated Engineering

“Your guy has finished a start-up check on one of our reciprocating compressors. We appreciate how thorough he was and will be looking for your help again, soon.”
- a Field Services Customer

"This course gave me an understanding of vibration and examples of vibration troubleshooting that will be useful for implementation in our field."
- a Facility Engineer

"I would recommend my customers to participate in this training and to go visit Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise website for more information."
- Tan Xuejun, Ariel Corp.

"Well worth the time to take this course. Wood is a top tier company when it comes to vibration mitigation."
- Derrick Turnbull, Ariel Corp.

In 2015, BETA Machinery Analysis was acquired by Wood to form a new vibration, dynamics and noise service capability. Testimonials have been updated to reflect this name change.

We have compiled a list of some of the companies we work for so you can see who else is using Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team. 

We'd love to share your comments about Wood's vibration, dynamic and noise team. Please send us an email.

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