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Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Screw Compressors

Screw compressors and Roots blowers create high-frequency pulsations in discharge piping. An advanced vibration and noise analysis is often required for larger or more critical systems.

Design Requirements

Dry screw compressors generally require specially designed silencers on the suction and discharge systems to attenuate pulsations, and wet screw compressors employ oil separators which can be acoustically or mechanically resonant. To address these problems, experienced owners call Wood to evaluate the pulsations, resonances, and other aspects of the compressor package. 
Pulsation and Mechanical Analysis for Screw Compressors

Vibration Inspection & Troubleshooting

To meet the vibration acceptance requirements, a vibration inspection is recommended on the main piping and small-bore connections. For noise and vibration problems, Wood provides troubleshooting support to identify frequency, resonance, or other issues, and help you implement improvements.
Troubleshooting, root cause analysis (RCA)


Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis: Screw Compressor
Pulsation & Mechanical Analysis for Screw Compressors

Including rotary compressors and Roots blowers

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Webinar: Turning the Screw

How to control screw compressor pulsation

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Pipe Stress Analysis
Pipe Stress Analysis (Thermal Analysis, Flexibility)

(Thermal Analysis, Piping Flexibility Analysis)

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Small-Bore Connections (SBC) Assessment
Small Bore Connection (SBC) Vibration Analysis

for all machinery types and applications

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Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA)
Torsional analysis study

A torsional study evaluates crankshaft, coupling, and gears to ensure torsional vibration is acceptable.

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Lateral Vibration Analysis
Lateral Analysis (Rotordynamics Analysis)

Rotordynamics, Critical Speed, and Stability Analysis

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Skid Design and Analysis
Skid Design - Skid Analysis

Lifting, Environmental Loading; Static and Dynamic Design

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Shell Transverse Acoustical (STA) Analysis
Vibration analysis for Centrifugal compressors

Vibration/Noise on Vessels and Piping Walls

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Condition Monitoring and Remote Vibration Analysis

for troubleshooting support or condition-based maintenance (CBM) applications

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