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Vibration, dynamics and noise

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Centrifugal Compressor Systems

Services to address surge dynamics and flow- or acoustic-induced vibration.

Webinar: Rotating machinery vibration diagnostics

How to interpret rotordynamic vibration data for machinery troubleshooting and condition monitoring

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Webinar: What is my risk of surge?

New tools to prevent centrifugal compressor surge

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Surge Sensitivity Calculator

Inertia number evaluation – a simplified method to calculate surge sensitivity

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Shell Transverse Acoustical (STA) Analysis
Vibration analysis for Centrifugal compressors

Vibration/Noise on Vessels and Piping Walls

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Condition Monitoring and Remote Vibration Analysis

for troubleshooting support or condition-based maintenance (CBM) applications

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Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Analysis
Piping dead leg branch causing vortex shedding - Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV)

Design Analysis and Field Troubleshooting

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Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis
Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis (Vortex Shedding)

for High Kinetic Energy Flow

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Acoustic Fatigue Assessment for Blowdown Systems

API Std 521 for pressure relief and blowdown valves

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Acoustic-Induced Vibration (AIV) Analysis
Acoustic Induced Vibration AIV Analysis (Acoustic Induced Excitation)

(Acoustic-Induced Excitation Analysis)

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Lateral Vibration Analysis
Lateral Analysis (Rotordynamics Analysis)

Rotordynamics, Critical Speed, and Stability Analysis

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Pipe Stress Analysis
Pipe Stress Analysis (Thermal Analysis, Flexibility)

(Thermal Analysis, Piping Flexibility Analysis)

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