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Static equipment and structures

Piping vibration and fatigue

Managing vibration and reducing the risk of fatigue failures on piping, static equipment and structures

Piping systems, small-bore connections, static equipment and structures in production facilities are all subject to vibration and fatigue failures risks. Fatigue failures can occur during normal and transient operating conditions.

Wood provides world-leading field and office analyses to mitigate the risk of these fatigue failures. Our risk-based screening approach (level 1 analysis) identifies high-risk locations in your facility. Based on that, we determine requirements for inspection, measurement and monitoring, or whether an advanced analysis is necessary (level 2 or 3 analysis).

Through our proprietary tools and techniques, we can deliver more accurate recommendations, better designs and faster project turnarounds. As a result, major operators partner with our team of specialists which includes the field’s leading technical authorities who are involved in conducting joint industry research projects and writing the latest industry standards.

Our experts specialise in managing the risk of fatigue failures throughout the asset life cycle.

Services include:
  • Piping vibration and fatigue assessments for onshore, offshore and subsea production systems per the Energy Institute’s guidelines (Avoidance of Vibration-Induced Fatigue Failures, or AVIFF)

    • Includes fatigue risks on vessels, valves, heat exchangers, instrumentation, thermowells and flow meters

  • Quantification of system response to various forms of excitation, including:

    • Flow-induced vibration (FIV)

    • Turbulent flow (FIT)

    • Transients (hydraulic, gas, water hammer)

    • Flow-induced pulsation (FIP, FLIP)

    • Acoustic-induced vibration (AIV)

    • Multiphase and slug flow

  • On-site investigation, monitoring and troubleshooting of piping, static equipment and structural vibration issues

  • Advanced engineering, including fitness-for-service level 3, non-linear FEA and CFD

  • Complimentary screening software Veridian™ to track, assess and manage piping vibration and integrity risks in an easy-to-use, web-based platform

  • Ongoing data management for site surveys including anomaly management that tracks remedial actions to closeout. Our data management services use cloud-based technology, increasing visibility and convenience for key stakeholders.

  • Pipe stress (piping flexibility) and thermal analysis

  • Anti-vibration products – pipe clamps, DamperX™ damping clamps, braces, supports and absorbers to control vibration

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Veridian VS

Vibration screening can now be done quickly and efficiently with significant cost savings for operators.

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Examples of Piping Vibration (Video)

Small-bore and mainline piping vibration: a common integrity issue for owners.

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Webinar: Introduction to piping vibration

Learn how to identify risks and prevent failures on main line piping

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Webinar: Vibration problem solving – common solutions

Learn about the pros and cons of common (and some unconventional) vibration control solutions

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Webinar: Piping and tubing vibration anomaly mgmt

New methods to find and track vibration threats in small-bore piping and tubing

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Acoustic Fatigue Assessment for Blowdown Systems

API Std 521 for pressure relief and blowdown valves

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Acoustic-Induced Vibration (AIV) Analysis
Acoustic Induced Vibration AIV Analysis (Acoustic Induced Excitation)

(Acoustic-Induced Excitation Analysis)

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Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment
Piping Vibration and Integrity Assessment (per EI Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure)

Piping vibration analysis per EI 2008 Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration-induced fatigue failure (AVIFF).

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Veridian AM

Ensure anomalies are tracked, mitigated and results verified.

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Small-Bore Connections (SBC) Assessment
Small Bore Connection (SBC) Vibration Analysis

for all machinery types and applications

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Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV) Analysis
Piping dead leg branch causing vortex shedding - Flow-Induced Vibration (FIV)

Design Analysis and Field Troubleshooting

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Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis
Flow-Induced Turbulence (FIT) Analysis (Vortex Shedding)

for High Kinetic Energy Flow

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Pipe Stress Analysis
Pipe Stress Analysis (Thermal Analysis, Flexibility)

(Thermal Analysis, Piping Flexibility Analysis)

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Subsea Piping Vibration

For new and existing systems

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Structural Vibration and Dynamic Design Analysis
Structural Vibration and Dynamic Design Analysis for FPSOs, Platforms, Elevated Structures

for FPSOs, Platforms, Elevated Structures

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Structural Vibration Troubleshooting

Improving Integrity and Reliability on Offshore Production Platforms/FPSO

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Review & Design Support Services
Vibration Review and Design Support Services - Piping at compressor station

Vibration and Integrity Review; FEED, Project Planning

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Motion Amplification Vibration Analysis

For improved vibration analysis of piping, machinery and structures

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Thermal Striping

High-cycle thermal strain in liquid mixing piping

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Piping System

Vibration and stress

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Veridian FAQ

FAQs about Veridian and from our small-bore webinar

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Wood’s line of anti-vibration products provide unique solutions to the most-challenging piping fatigue risks and vibration problems.

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Avoiding vibration-induced fatigue failure

How web tools enable effective piping vibration management

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Webinar: Small bore…Big problem

Learn how to better manage piping vibration and fatigue threats

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