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Fins (Gusset Plates) for Small-Bore Attachments

Gusset plates to absorb excessive vibrations

DamperX™ fins are custom-cut pieces of specialized viscoelastic material used to dampen out excessive vibrations on small-bore attachments. The fins (or gussets) are glued into place using a structural adhesive. In many cases, installation can happen in 20 minutes. The fins can also be painted for a consistent finish.



  • DamperX fins damping gussets on small-bore connectionNo welding
  • Fast installation
  • Long-lasting (track record of 5+ years of service)
  • Custom-cut to your application
  • Easy to implement
  • Effectively solve small-bore vibration problems

DamperX™ fins are best suited for small-bore connections that can be supported back to either the main pipe or nearby structure within a length of about 6 inches (150mm) or less.


  • Operating temperature range of -17⁰C to +60⁰C (1⁰F to 140⁰F)
  • Branch connection sizes 20mm to 200mm (¾” to 8”)
  • Installation and curing while shut down

Where to use DamperX fins

  • Flexibility in the nozzle or shell
  • Resonant vibration
  • Geometry

When not to use DamperX fins

  • During the design phase, in place of a bad design
  • Vibration limits after fin install
  • Geometry restrictions
How it works

DamperX fins damping gussets on vesselWe provide custom-cut DamperX fins shipped directly to site, based on photos and some basic dimensions of your small-bore attachment.

  1. Send us an email, including:
    • Photos of the small-bore connection from several directions
    • Directions the vibration is occurring
    • Some basic dimensions and a sketch (if needed) using the small-bore connection dimensions form (attach a photo or scan of the filled in dimensions form to the email)
  2. We quote a price, and you can pay quickly via credit card or purchase order
  3. Our technicians custom-cut your fins to size and ship them to site within two days (some custom applications may require more time)
Questions and support

For application support, call our vibration experts at +1 403 245 5666, or email products.vdn@woodplc.com.

Download the dimensions form to order.

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