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Corporate Responsibility

Our culture includes a commitment to be good corporate citizens. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously.

We donate to a variety of charitable activities and employee initiatives. Wood's vibration, dynamics and noise team contributes to programs that have a direct impact on society and the communities in which we live. Investing in this way supports our core values, strengthens our communities, and helps make a difference.

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre

In Calgary, we have chosen one organization to provide larger and more consistent support. Our people can be found serving meals, delivering gifts, sorting clothing, and more at the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre (The DI). On a larger scale, we help the DI support some of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens reintegrate into mainstream community as they transition from shelter life to independent living.


Sundial Apartments is another step towards independence for those who have made life choices to journey away from homelessness into a place to call home. At Sundial, clients receive the services they need to successfully navigate this reintegration. In addition to providing apartments for transitioning clients, Sundial also has 8 affordable housing units for staff. This also creates a caring environment where clients are supported in their efforts to establish themselves outside of shelter life by staff they know and trust.

Sundial Apartments is a 119 suite high rise apartment building in downtown Calgary owned and operated by the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (DI). Clients transitioning from shelter life to independent living and who have a minimum income of $1,000 per month are provided an affordable housing option while also receiving independent living support services from the DI. Close to transportation, social services and stores, Sundial Apartments affords everyone a place to call home in the heart of our city.

If you're interested in supporting the DI, see their website

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