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Pipe Shoes (ThermaGlide™ CL-8 Series)

Vibration control for insulated piping

ThermaGlide™ anti-vibration pipe shoes are designed to accommodate pipe thermal expansion and contraction while still preventing excessive vibration.

This patented design allows for consistent and predictable performance, meaning your piping will expand and contract as designed, ensuring higher reliability and more uptime.



Lab test of pipe shoe for insulated piping that is vibrating
Lab tests show how Wood's pipe shoes for insulated piping reduce vibration by up to 90%
  • Increased reliability through avoidance of stress and fatigue failures
  • Consistent performance; less maintenance, longer life
  • Wider operating range allows for optimized production
  • Superior vibration control
  • Up to 90% lower vibration compared to conventional resting pipe shoes
  • Designed to permit axial and lateral pipe movement due to thermal expansion
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Expert support and custom solutions available



Which pipe shoe is best for my application?
      ThermaGlide™ technology for thermal expansion
  Conventional pipe shoe

Wood’s standard anti-vibration pipe shoe

Anti-vibration pipe shoes High-temperature thermal break anti-vibration pipe shoes Low-temperature thermal break anti-vibration pipe shoes*
Thermal expansion    
High temperatures    

Low temperatures

Easily accommodates insulation
Model numbers   CL-8 CL-8-T, CL-8-ST, CL-8-T-ST (+ 'W' weld-on models) CL-8-HTB-T, CL-8- HTB-ST, CL-8- HTB-T-ST


*in development

Contact us for other customized clamp solutions.

How it works

Wood’s anti-vibration pipe shoe provides consistent, repeatable stiffness and sliding every time.

Our ThermaGlide™ technology ensures consistent and repeatable performance through multiple thermal cycles so the stiffness and sliding force remain unchanged for cycle 1 and cycle 1,000.

This consistency means your piping will grow and shrink as designed every time, protecting your system against excessive thermal loads and high stress.

Chart: pipe shoe stiffness and sliding through thermal cycles remains consistent
Reliable performance for less maintenance, more uptime and longer life
Pipe shoe support comparison – test results

Testing of three common competitor supports shows inconsistent stiffness and breakaway friction forces during each cycle.

Wood's pipe shoe performance compared against competitors

Pipe shoe performance test results: Wood's CL-8 vs. common competitors

Questions and support

Ask us anything: our dedicated team of vibration specialists typically get back to you within 24 hours (on work days).

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For application support, you can also reach our specialists at +1 403 245 5666 (Mountain Time) or products.vdn@woodplc.com


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