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Veridian iDAC

Intelligent data acquisition

Veridian iDAC is Wood’s intelligent data collection solution that brings you the latest advances in acquisition hardware coupled with leading-edge analysis techniques.

The versatile device provides a cost-effective, safe and enduring monitoring solution for energy, chemicals and resource assets and industrial machinery.

The system operates remotely without the need for costly on-site support, making it ideal for short and longer-term assessments and remote locations.

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1 Applications
  • Machinery
  • Power plants
  • Piping
  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Renewable energy
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure

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2 Available modules and features

Veridian iDAC can be configured to your needs with a combination of these modules:

Core module

Core system

The fully functional core system stores data locally and records autonomously for the duration of the installation – intervention and maintenance-free.


Advanced sensor technology

Customizable solution for all your measurement needs, through leading-edge technology partners.

Remote connectivity

Remote connectivity

Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world – allowing for installation in remote locations and live streaming of data worldwide.

Extreme conditions

Extreme conditions

Can be configured for extreme temperatures, pressure, wind and humidity – allowing for installation in the most extreme environments.

Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically safe

For monitoring in hazardous areas, Veridian iDAC can be designed to be intrinsically safe – from enclosure to sensor.

Independently powered

Independently powered

By incorporating alternative power sources such as wind or solar, the system can be deployed in areas where standard power sources may not be available.


Control system integration

Full integration with your operating system – data can be fed back into your control systems (DCS), ensuring the safety and reliability of personnel and critical machinery.

3 Benefits
  • Safe, easy and fast setup
    Reduced number of cable runs and faster installation
  • Peace of mind
    Records continuously; problems can be identified as they occur
  • Increased reliability
    Improved identification and analysis of potential problems
  • Cost savings
    Significantly cheaper than using traditional staffed site surveys can be correlated to process conditions, allowing operations to respond quickly
  • Expert support
    Our experts can help monitor, analyse and interpret data, providing better and faster solutions
  • Better control of process parameters
    Issues can be correlated to process conditions, allowing operations to respond quickly
  • Advanced analysis
    Our wide range of in-house advanced analysis capabilities can help solve the most complex problems (if required)
4 How to rent or purchase

Contact our experts for more information and pricing.

5 Webinar
Insight out

Technical considerations and best practices for specifying a remote data acquisition system and overview of our data collection solution Veridian iDAC.

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    • Airport noise
    • Railway noise
    • Baseline environmental assessments
  • Applications

    Monitoring application


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