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Human Vibration

Health and safety compliance

Regular exposure to hand-arm vibration can cause a range of conditions known as Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which includes vibration white finger and carpal tunnel syndrome. Similarly, whole-body vibration can cause or exacerbate back pain and fatigue.

There is a lack of prescriptive human vibration legislation in many regions, and consequently, companies are often developing their own criteria based on European standards and directives.

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1 Typical problem areas
  • Mobile equipment operators exposed for long periods of time to high vibration levels
  • Control room and operator locations within plant subject to high vibration
  • Hand-arm vibration from hand tools
  • Lack of regulatory criteria for human vibration
  • Poor awareness of human vibration as a health issue
  • Lack of knowledge of vibration mitigation options
  • Limited resources for awareness training
2 Our expertise
  • Our engineers regularly work on-site and have first-hand knowledge of the typical plant and equipment that is encountered and the human vibration problems that can arise
  • Surveys using the latest equipment specifically designed for measurement of whole-body and hand-arm vibration
  • Abreast of industry best practices for monitoring and management of human vibration
  • Provision of awareness training
3 Inquiries

For further information or to discuss your project, email us at info.vdn@woodplc.com.

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