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Structural Vibration Troubleshooting

Improving Integrity and Reliability on Offshore Production Platforms/FPSO


Many offshore production facilities experience severe vibration problems as well as safety, environmental, integrity, and reliability challenges. Most of these vibration problems are due to mechanical, acoustic, or flow related excitations.

Left unchecked, structural vibration will contribute to:

  • Fatigue failure of piping systems
  • Machinery component failures, shutdowns, and higher maintenance costs
  • Human vibration discomfort and related HSE claims

Troubleshooting these issues involves a range of capabilities and experiences, including machinery dynamic forces, accurate simulation of structural natural frequency, and dynamic response, machinery installation/mounting techniques, dynamic skid design, and years of offshore troubleshooting, measuring, and resolving structural resonance problems. 

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1 Applications and Problems
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Reciprocating pumps including those mounted on smaller sized skids
  • Engines used for machines or power generation
  • Fire water pumping systems
  • Piping fatigue failures including main piping and small-bore connections
  • Elevated pipe racks
  • Off-skid pulsation forces acting on the piping system
  • Many other associated maintenance and integrity issues

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2 Scope

These troubleshooting services apply to machines, piping and structural vibration problems, or issues that pose integrity risks. The scope includes:

  • Preliminary planning to review the system and equipment
  • Site visit to measure vibration, pulsation, stress on the equipment, skids, structures, and the piping system; may include operating deflection shape (ODS). System resonance is measured to determine localized natural frequencies.
  • Inspect piping supports, clamps, braces, and other restraints.
  • Conduct noise survey, if applicable
  • Initial recommendations and site solutions
  • Data analysis, follow-up recommendations, and reporting. In some cases, additional simulation or modeling is required to identify the optimal solution (and avoid expensive “trial and error” approaches).
3 Brownfield Projects

Many production facilities are modified to accommodate changes to operations. For example, new machines may be added, the process may change, or a major addition is required for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects which involve gas and/or water injection. Any change in equipment or process requires advanced vibration engineering services. 

The scope often includes:

  • Site visit to assess platform and skid dynamics, piping inspection and vibration assessment.
  • Pulsation and mechanical analysis for new equipment.
  • Torsional vibration analysis.
  • Lifting, loading and dynamic analysis for new skid mounted machinery
  • Piping system review
  • Structural Dynamic Analysis

Due to its expertise and experience Wood can propose an integrated engineering solution to this wide range of related activities.

4 Wood Advantages
  • Dedicated team of structural dynamic experts
  • Hundreds of successful projects involving compressors, pumps, piping, and structural vibration. This wealth and depth of experience is critical for quickly proposing proven solutions
  • Specialized software and analysis tools
  • Field proven dynamic analysis modeling techniques
  • Global support and experience with offshore facilities in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Africa, Middle East and North Sea.
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