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Torsional Vibration Field Check

to Confirm Torsional Natural Frequencies and Vibration Amplitudes

Often torsional vibration problems go undetected until a failed component occurs. And when a torsional failure occurs, the consequences are significant given the costs and time to replace the crankshaft.

Examples of damage caused by torsional failures.

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1 Applications

Verifying the torsional natural frequencies (TNFs) and vibration amplitudes is a recommended practice for many applications, such as:

  • Any new driver-compressor package, or when changes are made to the compressor
  • Custom reciprocating and screw compressors
  • Large centrifugal compressors
  • Challenging (high risk) torsional designs which may be resonant at certain conditions
  • When torsional to lateral vibration is suspected (this interaction can cause complex vibration problems for the compressor system)
2 Scope
  • Wood measures the torsional vibration and compares it to the expected values using diagnostic tools including strain gauge with wireless telemetry, shaft encoder, and laser torsiometer
  • Measure torsional natural frequencies and torsional responses
  • Estimate damping.
  • Directly measure torsional stresses with strain gauge system
  • Measure strain directly to indicate torque reversals - especially important where gearboxes are involved
  • Apply integrated approach using torsional field measurements as well as the design models to assess risk to drivetrain

A torsional field check can be added to Wood’s standard Vibration Inspection Program

3 Wood Advantages
  • Independent consulting advice
  • Extensive torsional vibration experience, both field and design capabilities
  • Proprietary software and analysis tools to improve the accuracy and analysis
  • Field engineers experienced in pulsation and mechanical design, including torsional to lateral interaction

Torsional vibration is difficult to measure and requires significant experience. Only specialty firms such as Wood have the methodology and tools to properly measure torsional vibration and develop recommendations to avoid resonance. 

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5 Keywords
  • Torsional vibration measurements
  • Torsional field check

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