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Veridian AM

Ensure anomalies are tracked, mitigated and results verified.

Need to make risks more visible? Need a better way to close out issues?

Veridian AM is a comprehensive managed service that can provide vital support during commissioning, inspections, ongoing integrity management and troubleshooting activities.

Using vibration anomalies identified by Veridian VS (or field-based inspection programs), Veridian AM serves as custodian of your vibration improvement program and data. Leveraging the tool, our team ensures high-risk piping anomaly mitigation plans are tracked from discovery to close out and made visible to key stakeholders.

Output data from your Veridian AM database can be incorporated into your existing asset management system to provide a holistic approach to integrity management.

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  •  Visibility. Gain complete, real-time visibility into your asset’s anomalies.
  •  Cost reduction. Eliminate repeat work, improve efficiency, and ensure inspection activities lead to improvements.
  •  Accountability. Full transparency on team tasks and completion progress.
  •  One database. All projects or assets contained in one secure database and accessible online.
  •  Control. Assurance that your integrity program is delivering the intended results.
  •  Collaboration and coordination. All stakeholders are more effective in managing the risk.
  •  Web-based. No special software required, easy to access and share.
Uses for Veridian AM

​Wood staff use Veridian AM to manage vibration programs such as inspections and measurement campaigns, small-bore connection assessments, troubleshooting, and vibration integrity programs. This tool connects seamlessly with Veridian VS, enabling collaboration with our EPC and operator customers.   


Wood uses this tool to manage anomalies highlighted during the vibration screening (VS module)

  • Inspection and measurement work packs (to mitigate vibration risks)
  • Integrity management tool
  • Track progress, including mitigation and verification


  • Historical data usage
  • Risk profile
Piping vibration anomaly management tool applications


  • Create inspection walk-down work packs
  • Identify and confirm vibration screening risks


  • Prioritized inspection measurement program
  • Tracking of anomaly mitigation activities
  • Integrity management tool
  • Create and assign new anomalies (from VS or other sources)
  • Manage issues

  • Track mitigations to completion
  • All necessary information stored and reportable:
  • Asset data

  • Files and photos

  • Survey results

  • Recommendations

  • Collaboration
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Connection. Bring key activities and metrics back to integrity systems or CMMS

  Manage vibration inspection campaigns including past activities at site  Issues are rated by priority
(risk-based recommendations)
Status of issues (anomalies), used for managing vibration integrity programs
Veridian AM: summary list of anomalies (vibration issues)
Summary list of anomalies (vibration issues)

  Veridian AM: details for each anomaly (vibration issue)
General information on anomaly
Manage site information such as pictures, drawings, measurement data
Summary: process to document site survey or follow-up analysis activities. Incl. quality control activities; technical reviewer, approvals
Next steps: includes recommendations, priorities, and assigned responsibilities
Details for each anomaly (vibration issue)

Veridian contact and resources

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Contact a Veridian expert
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AIV and FIV in Pipelines, Plants, and Facilities (PDF) presented at International Pipeline Conference 2016, Calgary, Canada (Copyright by ASME)

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