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Webinar: Shake, rattle and grow – part II

How to select the right pipe clamp to control vibration and allow thermal growth

Watch the recording of our free online training session and learn which kind of hold-down clamp to use, where and why.

By the end of this session you will learn how to:

  • Select the right clamp for the right situation
  • Eliminate constraints and unnecessary delays in your piping designs
  • Accommodate competing design requirements for pipes that shake, rattle and grow

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Many considerations are involved in trying to accommodate piping layout, stress and vibration at the same time. This webinar provides useful information for piping designers and pipe stress engineers to create more robust designs, eliminate unnecessary problems and delays, and control vibration more effectively.
In part 1 of this course (available on demand, but NOT a prerequisite), we introduced new piping stress modelling techniques and anti-vibration clamp supports for use in vibratory service. But with a range of different clamps designed for specific applications, knowing how to model a hold-down is only half the battle.
In part 2, our vibration engineers will provide examples of different applications for various hold-down clamps and the rationale behind selecting the right clamp for the right job. We will also share practical advice and address common questions around anti-vibration clamps and their application.

Who should attend

This training course is relevant to piping designers, pipe stress engineers, and anyone responsible for dealing with vibration in piping systems. The webinar is applicable to those working on new projects, redesigns of existing facilities, or those just trying to manage vibration problems in their operating plants.

Note: you do NOT need to have seen part 1 to understand part 2.

The session takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Our vibration analysis solutions are designed by engineers for engineers, fuelled by our deep understanding of design, operational and maintenance challenges.

Meet the speakers

Jordan Grose, PEng, BSc, MBA

Service line manager, anti-vibration products

Jordan is a mechanical engineer with more than 15 years of design, field and monitoring experience with compressors, pumps and piping.

He currently leads Wood’s anti-vibration product group which develops innovative solutions to control and mitigate vibration in rotating equipment applications.

Jordan has authored and presented several papers at international industry conferences.


Timothy Bootsveld, PEng, BSc
Products application engineer, anti-vibration products

Timothy is a mechanical engineer specialising in vibration and pipe stress design.

In his current role as applications and research and development engineer, Timothy is involved in the development of Wood’s anti-vibration products and provides specialist advice on their application, based on his background in pulsation and finite element modelling of piping systems.

Timothy has been with Wood’s vibration, dynamics and noise team for over seven years, focusing on pipe stress and vibration analysis projects, balancing both requirements for B31.3, API 618/674 studies.

He also delivers detailed training seminars on acoustical pulsation and mechanical vibration simulations.

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Learn how to solve complex vibration problems with advanced troubleshooting techniques to keep your facility running smoothly, with minimal downtime.
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