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Compressor Package Engineering

Design Support for Reciprocating Compressors

Design of Reciprocating Compressor package

Sometimes our clients lack sufficient technical resources to complete all their project engineering work. To meet project deadlines, an engineering partner that can help with this overflow work is needed. 

Wood can help in these situations by providing Compressor Package Engineering Services. We can provide the full range of mechanical design, layout, engineering and drawings. We also coordinate the package engineering with the vibration and dynamic design studies and pipe stress requirements. 

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1 Capabilities

Wood has the engineering support and capabilities to provide the following:

  • Engineering and design for high speed compressor packages
  • Fabrication detailed drawings
  • Code calculations and fabrication drawings
  • Size and specify valves, process lines, utility lines, etc.
  • Isometrics and ICP routing
  • P&ID drawings
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3 Key Words
  • Package Engineering Design
  • Vessel Design

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