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Webinar: Small bore…Big problem

Learn how to better manage piping vibration and fatigue threats

Join Rob Swindell, vibration engineering lead, for a webinar demonstrating our latest software which has been designed to vastly improve the way you screen your facility piping.

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Veridian, Wood’s free-to-use productivity tool has been developed by our engineers to enable the simple and accurate screening of small-bore connections and piping systems, including acoustic- and flow-induced vibration (AIV and FIV). It helps you to mitigate the complications and ambiguity often experienced when working with more traditional methods.

By the end of this session you will learn how Veridian:

  • Accurately defines the probability of risk and failure through reliable data analysis
  • Delivers more comprehensive screening to support your projects simultaneously – in accordance with the Energy Institute Guideline AVIFF 2nd Ed 2008
  • Identifies threats more easily in both the design and operations stages
  • Collates both qualitative and quantitative data with the ability to import and export to and from multiple applications

This webinar will be relevant to those working in both design stage of a project as well as those managing the integrity of existing facilities. Our vibration analysis solutions are designed by engineers for engineers, fuelled by our deep understanding of design, operational and maintenance challenges.

Meet the speaker

Rob SwindellRob Swindell CENg FIMechE
Vibration Engineering Lead

Rob has over 30 years’ oil and gas experience, working on a wide variety of on and offshore structural integrity projects related to vibration-induced fatigue issues on piping systems. He is co-author of the Energy Institute document ‘Guidelines for the Avoidance of Vibration Induced Fatigue Failure in Process Pipework’, and has delivered a number of technical papers and participated in many industry forums throughout his career.

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Learn how to solve complex vibration problems with advanced troubleshooting techniques to keep your facility running smoothly, with minimal downtime.
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