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Webinar: Shake, rattle and grow I (2022 update)

Pipe stress and vibration design – new piping stress modeling techniques for more accurate designs

Are your piping systems stressing you out? Watch our free online training course and learn how to balance the requirements for both effective vibration support and sufficient piping stress flexibility using our latest pipe stress analysis tools and techniques.

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Our specialists discuss new tools that are helping engineers address the common issue of having to consider vibratory loads within piping design.

Wood has developed specialized techniques for modeling piping system supports that accurately accommodate both vibration and piping flexibility into design considerations, addressing a common challenge faced by piping stress engineers.

By the end of this session you will learn how to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your pipe stress models and avoid over-complicated or unnecessary designs
  • Learn new techniques to model anti-vibration supports accurately in Caesar II software
  • Accurately judge directional stiffness, preload and friction aspects
  • Consider vibration and piping flexibility design cohesively using Wood’s anti-vibration supports, DamperX

This training session (90 minutes) is relevant to pipe stress engineers, designers and technologists working on new projects, debottlenecking studies or redesigns of existing facilities.

Part II

Learn how to select the right pipe clamp to control vibration and allow thermal growth.

In part 2, our vibration engineers provide examples of different applications for various hold-down clamps and the rationale behind selecting the right clamp for the right job. We also share practical advice and address common questions around anti-vibration clamps and their application.

Watch part II

Our vibration analysis solutions are designed by engineers for engineers, fuelled by our deep understanding of design, operational and maintenance challenges.

Meet the speakers (2017 session)

Chris HarperChris B. Harper, BSc, PEng, principal consultant, static equipment and structures, Wood

Chris graduated from the University of Alberta in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has spent the last 20 years working in the field of vibration, stress and failure analysis.  He has been with Wood for over 16 years, gaining extensive experience in piping stress and failure analysis, finite element modelling, pulsation simulation, rotating equipment vibration and dynamic structural analysis.

In his current role as principal consultant, Chris oversees and provides specialist advice on a number of high-profile customer projects.

Chris has led several research initiatives on pipe support stiffness and machinery mounting. He has been an instructor at the GMRC course Compressor Station Vibration since 2011 and has co-authored numerous papers and presentations.

Tomothy BootsveldTimothy Bootsveld, BSc, PEng, engineer, anti-vibration products, Wood

Timothy is a mechanical engineer specialized in vibration and pipe stress design. He has been with Wood’s vibration, dynamics and noise team for more than six years, focusing on pipe stress and vibration analysis projects balancing both requirements for B31.3, API 618/674 studies.

In his role as an applications and R&D engineer, Timothy is involved in the development of Wood’s anti-vibration products and provides specialist advice on their application, based on his background in pulsation and finite element modeling of piping systems.

Timothy also delivers detailed training seminars to engineers performing acoustical pulsation and mechanical vibration simulations.

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